Donegal County Council's Role

Social Inclusion is a core objective of Donegal County Council and is a central part of what Donegal County Council is all about.  The Council plays a key role in delivering programmes and services, which contribute to the social, economic, cultural and political development of our county in areas such as housing, waste management, voting in local elections, planning, recreation and transport.  Donegal County Council delivers programmes, which affect the quality of the lives of the people in Donegal on a daily basis.

The elimination of poverty and the promotion of social inclusion are also key priority areas for Donegal County Development Board (CDB).  The Social Inclusion Measures Group (SIM) is a sub group of the CDB and provides a dedicated avenue for agencies to work together to address issues relating to poverty and social inclusion in our county.  The Social Inclusion Unit provides executive support to this group.

Social Inclusion Unit

A dedicated Social Inclusion Unit, within Donegal County Council, works to promote social inclusion and raise awareness and understanding of social exclusion, deprivation and poverty within the Council and to embed social inclusive in the plans and polices of the Council. 

The Social Inclusion Unit is situated within the Community, Culture and Planning Directorate in Lifford and is staffed by Charles Sweeney, Social Inclusion Co-ordinator and Caroline McCleary, Assistant Social Inclusion Co-ordinator.

The work of the unit is grouped into 3 categories / objectives

1.   Internally Focused Objectives

2.   Interagency Objectives

3.   Donegal County Development Board Peace and Reconciliation Partnership

4.   Donegal Youth Council


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