Partner Delivery

A number of the actions in the Donegal PEACE III Action Plan 2011-2013 will be delivered by members of the Donegal CDB Peace and Reconciliation Partnership.

The Partners delivering actions are:


Donegal County Council (Lead Partner)


One Donegal Initiative

 One Donegal Logo Web version    


The One Donegal Initiative will be implementing a range of initiatives over the course of Phase II of the Donegal CDB Peace and Reconciliation Partnership’s PEACE III Action Plan.  The work began in May 2011 and the project will be completed by June 2013.  The programme being delivered includes a capacity building, sharing the learning and awareness raising programme so as to build on the work undertaken during Phase I. 


This includes:



This project is designed to be inclusive to all PEACE III target groups.

Upcoming Events:

08/03/2012    Launch of Donegal PEACE III Action Plan 2011 – 2013 & webpage

Cultural Diversity Steering Group

This group consists of membership of a variety of sectors working in Donegal and on a cross-border basis including statutory agencies, the community and voluntary sector and PEACE III Target Groups.  This group meet quarterly and receive reports from the One Donegal Initiative and provide strategic support to the programme. 

2012 Meetings will take place at 2 p.m. in Port na Failte, Letterkenny. 

24th May
13th September
22nd November

Capacity Building/Networking/Sharing Learning  Events

Cross-Border  Delivery Agent Events planned for:
April 2012 – Monitoring and Evaluation
June 2012 – Maximising Project Promotion and Meeting Publicity Requirements
September 2012– Focus on Youth and Intergenerational Projects
November 2012 - Focus on delveiry of PEACE III Project through the Arts and Sport
Heads On Hands On Cross Community and Cross Border Capacity Building Programme  

Participants from Donegal County Council and Derry City Council taking part in the Heads On Hands On Capcity Building Programme for community and voluntary groups in November 2011.

Partnership Events
April 2012 – Presentation by Epilogues at Partnership meeting.
May 2012 - Event in conjunction with North West PEACE III Cluster taking place as part of Northern Ireland Community Relations Week.
June 2012 – Input by delivery agent at Partnership Meeting.
September 2012 – Input by delivery agent at Partnership Meeting.
October 2012 – All day Capacity Building Event for Partnership Members.
February 2013 – All day Capacity Building Event for Partnership Members.

Awareness Raising Events

If you would like to be involved in any of the upcoming events please contact Sarah Thompson, Good Relations Officer for further details and check back regularly as we will be updating this calendar of events on a regular basis. 

Sarah Thompson
PEACE III Good Relations Officer
Community, Culture and Planning
Donegal County Council
Co Donegal  
(074)  9172586
087 9232654 

Hands of History – Shared History Project

Donegal County Councils Hands of History, One Donegal, Many Pasts, One Future project will develop and deliver an innovative series of programmes and events exploring our shared history, and how we remember events of the past, in order to challenge attitudes towards sectarianism and racism, and will develop the capacity of the community to mark these events in an inclusive manner focussing on the potential of a shared future rather than dwelling on and perpetuating the divisions of the past. This will include workshops, seminars, site visits, exhibitions; the use of the Arts to bring people together around common interests, one major conference, locally based shared history events and programmes, and a conflict transformation programme using our shared history as a tool for reconciliation. It will also see the development of a Hands of History advisory committee which will provide a legacy to the project as a cohort of high capacity individuals with an interest in working collaboratively into the future around shared history events and the centenary commemorations that will arise over the next decade both in Donegal and nationally.

Port na Failte Intercultural Resource Centre including Incident Reporting Scheme

Welcoming people from all communities, we aim to build positive relationships between members of cultures/ethnicities in Donegal and cross border and celebrate cultural diversity. We run numerous county-wide projects, including art, craft and writing workshops/training, educational events, festivities, celebrations, sports and music events, conferences, children’s programmes etc. We support intercultural groups, give advice and advocate for individuals and groups from minority ethnic/culture groups. Port na Fáilte hosts the Intercultural Platform, which is open to all, and operates a racist/sectarian incident reporting scheme. We offer Volunteering/work-placement opportunities and are committed to anti-racism/sectarianism and to equality of opportunity.

Our target groups include Black and minority ethnic/culture groups and individuals and members of the majority culture.

   Port na Fáilte Outside  Port na Fáilte Inside  
























Some of our upcoming events are:

Ghana Independence Celebrations, Letterkenny

Celebrate your Community, Bundoran, Easter Monday.

Café Paris – French live music, buffet, virgin cocktails, bring your own wine, Port na Failte – every third Friday in the month;

Open Mic and Virgin Cocktails, Port na Fáilte – every second Thursday of the month;

Intercultural Platform meetings, Port na Fáilte

Chess Club, Port na Fáilte – every Thursday from 14.00 to 16.30

Lunch Time Conversational French, Port na Fáilte – Mondays from 13.00 to 14.00;

Afternoon German, Port na Fáilte

Multi Ethnic Women’s Group, Ballyshannon

Intercultural Creative Writers Group, Donegal Town

Drum Circle, Port na Fáilte – every second Wednesday from 18.30 to 20.30;

Theatre of the Oppressed, Regional Cultural Centre, Mondays 18.30 – 21.00;

Laughter Yoga, Port na Fáilte

Songs of Revolution, Port na Fáilte

African Women’s Group, Port na Fáilte

Share a Film Project, Port na Fáilte

All events free of charge, contact centre for more details on any of the projects.       

Port na Fáilte
Port House
Port Road
Co Donegal

Border Villages Social Integration Project


 Border Villages Header      




The Border Villages Social Integration Project was formally launched on Tuesday 15th November 2011.  Donegal County Council is the lead partner on the project working in conjunction with Inishowen Development Partnership. The project has been funded by the Donegal County Development Board Peace and Reconciliation Partnership through Phase II of the Donegal PEACE III Action Plan.

This project is about developing contact, conversation and participation of new residents in active community life. Some of the activities proposed from the community groups in the area include the development of community gardens, profiling local schools, community celebration events and support to allow people who have moved into the border villages over the last 10 years to integrate more in local community life.

This project is specifically targeting new residents who moved to the border area of Donegal over the past ten years and the existing established local communities.  These include:  Young people, older people, minority communities, displaced persons,  Protestant Community, Catholic Community and women. Public, private & voluntary sector organisations & their staff.

The Border Villages Social Integration Project are supporting the following events:

Other activities happening soon include:

Border Villages Social Integration Project Launch  










Launch of Border Villages Social Integration Project, November 2011.  Pictured, seated from right, Mayor of Donegal Cllr Noel Mc Bride, Chair of Donegal CDB Peace and Reconciliation Partnership Cllr Dessie Larkin and County Manager, Seamus Neely.  Sanding from left, Francis Conaghan Good Relations Officer, Donegal County Council, Seana Mc Clenaghan, IDP, Michael Mc Garvey, Divisional Manager, Donegal County Council, Tracey Mc Rory, Musician and Border Resident and Michael Heaney, Director of Service, Donegal County Council

Border Villages Social Integration Project Progress Report - 28th June 2012  

Francis Conaghan
Good Relations Officer
Community, Culture & Planning
Donegal County Council
Station Island
Co. Donegal.
Tel       074 91 72568
Fax      074 91 42130
Mob.    087 2371219


Respecting and Connecting Communities

The Respecting and Connecting Communities’ (R&CC) project aims to build better relations between the Traveller and wider settled communities in Donegal. The key objectives of the project will be met through the delivery of the following actions:

The project is targeting the participation of members of both the Traveller and wider settled communities in Donegal. This is being achieved through collaboration with key groups and organisations from the community, voluntary and statutory sector.   

Donegal Travellers Project has been awarded a contract for the delivery of a range of interventions aimed at building positive relations between the Traveller and settled communities. The contract will see in excess of 8 programmes of activities being delivered up to June, 2012. The following activities are ongoing:

Delivery of a programme of activities for Young People in two pilot areas. Restorative Justice training for Youth Leaders and Young People. Women’s Community Project in Longlane, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.St. Patrick Day’s Parade.

These and other activities are being delivered in collaboration with two small Stakeholder Groups, set up by the R&CC project, in each of the pilot areas. One of the Stakeholder Groups established is a sub-group of the Community Safety Forum set up in that area, with the other Stakeholder Group consisting of Youth Providers working in the area.

Catherine Anne Kelly
Peace III Development Officer
Community, Culture & Planning
Donegal County Council
Station Island
Co. Donegal.
Tel       074 91 72230
Fax      074 91 42130
Mob.    087 765 8099

Donegal Youth Council- Seldom Heard Young People

Chuala – To be heard!

Chuala is a 9 month long project that aims to create more opportunities for young people in Donegal County to have their voice and opinions heard by Donegal Youth Council. Chuala means to be heard and Donegal Youth Council want to create a youth forum of young people who currently don’t have a voice into Donegal Youth Council.

The Donegal Youth Council is working with Northern Ireland Youth Forum, to set up the structures that will support more young people to get involved in the decisions that affect them across the county. The Chuala Youth Forum will work in partnership with Donegal Youth Council to establish the most relevant issues affecting young people in the county and then following a short campaign to raise awareness of the issues will engage decisions makers to discuss the concerns of young people. The Chuala Youth Forum will then feedback to young people through both local gatherings and online.

 Youth Council Group Photograph     













Participants in the Chuala Programme photographed at a recent  two-day residential in Dunlewey where the youth Councillors worked hard and wrote their own mission statement.


There are 3 main opportunities available to young people in Donegal.

The legacy of the project is to have a structure that allows young people who are not currently engaged in the youth council to have a voice through the Chuala Youth Forum. There would be a direct link between Donegal Youth Council and Chuala Youth Forum through youth council members who would sit on the Chuala Youth Forum as reps for Donegal Youth Council.

Christina O’Donnell    



Donegal Community Based Youth Work Consortium

Cross Border Connections

The Cross Border Connections Project will engage young people and the adults that support them on a series of activities events information workshops, training and programmes designed specifically to address sectarianism, racism and explore diversity and inclusion.

Our project will be working with:

Young People aged 8-25 and the Adult Volunteers who support them in their communities.

Upcoming events include:



Donegal Vocational Education Committee

Intergenerational Programme (Choir)

Childcare Parents/Providers Programme

Dramatic Arts Programme

Sharing Our Community

Junior Orchestra

Summer Diversity Programme/Youth work Programme/Community Leadership Programme

Unemployed Men

Mediation Network and Training

Embedding Restorative Practices

This project aims to embed Restorative Practice within second-level schools, Youthreach centres and youth work organisations across Co Donegal. It has three elements – training, research and organisational activity:

  1. Training was provided by the University of Ulster’s Restorative Practice team in November 2011 – ninety-nine staff from twenty-one second-level schools, Youthreach Centres and youth work organisations participated in this.
  2. Baseline research has been carried out amongst the twenty-one organisations involved in the project to ascertain where they are in terms of the use of Restorative Practice as a means of resolving conflict situations and restoring relationships and to develop a method of measuring and evaluating progress towards embedding Restorative Practice in these centres/organisations throughout the lifetime of the project. This is being carried out by the University of Ulster’s Restorative Practice team.
  3. Organisations will be invite to apply for a modest amount of funding to be used as necessary to embed Restorative Practice in their respective centres/organisations amongst staff and young people.
Dr Sandra Buchanan,
Youthreach County Coordinator, Co Donegal VEC     

Health Service Executive

Inter-generational Community Peace Gardens

This is an inter-generational programme which will engage the people from the target groups of PEACE as well as young and older people, in areas affected by the conflict, using community gardens as a means of bringing people from diverse backgrounds together and developing positive relationships between them. It is anticipated that 3 sites will be developed, 3 accredited horticultural training courses delivered as well as training sessions and events including cross border events. The website  will be developed further and updated.

Young people, older people, minority communities, people from diverse religious backgrounds and none, victims of the conflict, new communities, displaced persons and where appropriate, former members of the security and ancillary forces and political ex-prisoners and their families will be targeted to become particpants in this programme.

Following an open tendering process, Groundwork NI have been awarded the tender. They began work on this initiative on the 1st February 2012. A call has been made for expressions of interest from groups/areas interested in becoming involved in the development of a community peace garden. These expressions of interest will be assessed using previously published criteria and the final selection of sites will be made in collaboration with the Development Worker from the Border Villages Project.

Carol Follis
Senior Project Development Officer
Groundwork Northern Ireland
Tel: 028 6632 5129
Mobile: 07793 041 339
Maire O’ Leary, Social Inclusion Office, County Clinic, Letterkenny, 074 9123757

Roots of Empathy

Tree     Roots of Empathy - changing the world a child at a time  





Roots of Empathy is a 27 week classroom based programme in primary schools which aims to raise social and emotional literacy in children and increase their empathy for others.  In Roots of Empathy a local parent and baby visit the class 9 times throughout the programme. A trained instructor guides the children to recognise the attachment between parent and a baby and uses this as model of empathy. Children learn to understand the emotional life of the baby and are then guided by the instructor to link this learning to their own lives. They gain deeper insight into their own and others’ emotions and into the impact of their behaviour on the feelings of others.

Through Roots of Empathy children learn to understand how their words and actions impact on  other people. They will be less likely to bully and  have a better and deeper understanding of difference and diversity, therefore reducing racism and sectarianism.

This programme works exclusively with children in Primary schools. The programme is being delivered to 658 children in both urban and rural schools, in small, medium and larger schools. We have also ensured schools of all religious ethos are included in the programme, we have 21 Catholic, 4 Church of Ireland, 5 Presbyterian and 1 non-denominational school participating in the programme.  The programme is being delivered in 28 classrooms across the County each week.

 A major Baby Celebration Event will take place in June.

Roots of Empathy Family Visit Photograph A Roots of Empathy family visit class with "Class Teacher"  Aoife Rose and her Mum Claire.  Pupils are from Junior Infants at Raphoe Central National School
Seana Hume, Programme Coordinator- 
Anne McAteer, Programme Manager- 
Health Promotion, 1st floor County Clinic, St Conal’s, Letterekenny.
Telephone 074 91 09118


IDP          NDP  

Inishowen Development  Partnership

Cross Border Youth Programme (Border Links Project)

The Border Links project will bring young people and their respective youth leaders from border areas together to explore their common history, diverse cultures and aspirations for the future.  This will be achieved through a series of activities which aim to challenge attitudes towards sectarianism and racism, whilst acknowledging and dealing with the past. This project will promote greater cross border community integration within the project target areas of Donegal, Derry/Londonderry, Tyrone and Fermanagh. 

Young people and their leaders, by working together, will learn to see beyond ethnic or religious differences, and will develop an empathy with others that transcends traditional fault-lines or differences.  This in turn will be fed back into their families and social circles and hence to the broader community in which they live. 

Young people/youth Leaders from the project target areas of Donegal, Derry/Londonderry, Tyrone and Fermanagh.

During April 2012- April 2013 we aim to deliver 3 cross-border youth programmes targeting 12 – 18 year olds, which will provide opportunities for meaningful linkages between Donegal and counterparts in Tyrone, Derry and Fermanagh to be established. 

Catherine McColgan 
Project Worker 
Border Links-Border Life Stories Project 
Inishowen Development Partnership 
St. Mary’s Road 
Co. Donegal 
Tel:  (074) 93 62218   Mob: 0867910353
Email:   Web:


Intergenerational Project (Border Life Stories)

The Border Life Stories project aims to provide opportunities for older persons and young people in Inishowen to engage in an intergenerational project to address their unique needs. To proactively counteract the negative life experiences and limited opportunities experienced by both the older members of our community and the youth at risk brought about by the troubles and its impact in our border area, the project is designed to forge positive relationships. Using Digital storytelling technology we hope to be able to capture life stories from the area. This medium can also help people become more comfortable using technology and encourage them to think about different forms of communication.

Young people and older people living in the border area.

This project will be delivered  between April 2012- April 2013.

Catherine McColgan
Project Worker 
Border Links-Border Life Stories Project
Inishowen Development Partnership
St. Mary’s Road
Co. Donegal
Tel:  (074) 93 62218   Mob: 0867910353
Email:   Web:


Tyrone, Derry and Donegal Action            

 Tyrone Derry and Donegal Logo  

Matching Initiative

Single Identity Work

Churches Open Days

TELEPHONE:    00353 7491 73747 or 44762
FAX:                00353 7491 73747
Volt House, The Diamond, Raphoe, Co Donegal  


Calendar of Events


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