Aid For Peace Evaluation Template

Aid For Peace Evaluation Template (Adobe PDF, 11kb)

A template for all projects to evaluate their progress in relation to the outcomes and impacts which have been set for the PEACE III Programme

PEACE III Documents

Donegal Peace III Action Plan 2011 – 2013

Donegal PEACE III Action Plan 2008-2010

SEUPB Guidance Notes

Sharing the Learning

Donegal Aid for Peace Baseline Report

Donegal Aid for Peace Mid Term Report

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Early Childhood Directory Of Services  


PEACE III Phase 1 Documents

A reflection on the European Union’s PEACE Programme in County Donegal

Over the past 15 years, three tranches of funding have been made available to the citizens of County Donegal through the European Union’s PEACE Programme. Donegal County Council has managed the Programme for the Special EU Programmes Body. The money has been used to fund a variety of projects to address racism and sectarianism and to promote peace and reconciliation in Donegal and the neighbouring counties.

Phase I of the PEACE III Programme has recently come to a close in County Donegal and Phase II is just beginning. The time therefore seems right to reflect on the successes of these projects and to consider the benefits of, as well as the challenges facing, future PEACE funding.  Click here to listen to the podcast and read the report – Listening and Learning and watch the Peace of Mind film.

Listening & Learning Doc  

JUAH Needs Analysis Report  

Cooperation Ireland  

Dgl Sports Partnership  

Donegal Child Care  

HSE Full Faith  

Smashing Times  

Boston Immigration Center  

Mediation Report  

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Post Project Evaluation Report - Phase I  


Monitoring & Evaluation Documents

4 April 2013 Clanree Hotel - 7th March 2013


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