Cross Border Co-Operation

The PEACE III Programme identifies the border as both a contributory factor to the conflict as well as a manifestation of the conflict itself and emphasises the need to further develop cross border co-operation within the context of this programme. 

This need for crossborder co-operation was further highlighted in the first phase of the Donegal PEACE III Action Plan which found that promoting and facilitating localised cross border working, particularly at community level, was at times more challenging than facilitating cross border working with partners further afield.  In this regard, the plan placed a greater emphasis on localised cross border co-operation.

Phase 2 of the plan will continues to prioritise localised cross border activity and will work closely with neighbouring Clusters in Northern Ireland to further develop these cross border linkages.  Discussions are well underway with the North West PEACE III Cluster in relation to developing a strategic collaboration programme throughout Phase II.

A matrix mapping the indicative actions which have been identified as priorities for cross-border collaboration is available.  Opportunities for collaboration with the North West Cluster Area have been explored and are cross-referenced in this matrix. 

Further opportunities for cross-border collaboration with other Cluster areas in Northern Ireland are also being emplored.   It is proposed that  the Partnership will reach the 30% cross-border target. 


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9 May 2012 An Grianan Hotel, Burt, 27th April 2012

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25 June 2012 Millenium Forum, 26th June 2012


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