Social Inclusion is Everyone's Business

   Welcome to the Social Inclusion Unit!  We hope you find the content interesting and useful.  Our motto is Social Inclusion is Everyone’s Business and we have outlined many initiatives demonstrating how both Donegal County Council and the County Development Board are working to tackle poverty and social exclusion in Donegal.

The Social Inclusion Unit is working to further develop and sustain a socially inclusive society where everyone has an opportunity to access and benefit from services; where everyone feels connected to and part of the community in which they live and; where people are not excluded due to their individual circumstances or belonging to a minority group.

This year Social Inclusion Week will take place from the 21st - 25th October 2013 which celebrates and showcases the vast array of initiatives taking place locally to tackle social exclusion, poverty and deprivation.                                                                               

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Social Inclusion Unit

Social Inclusion Week

30 August 2012 


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