What projects we are working on?

Below is brief information on the projects we are currently working on:

Bog Standards: 

This is a new initiative that aims to improve the standard of toilet facilities, and related school procedures and policy, in post primary schools in Donegal.  The initiative is led by the HSE and Donegal Youth Council. Three schools are working on this as a pilot programme they are as follows, St. Catherine’s Killybegs, Deele College Raphoe and Loreto Convent Letterkenny.  Each participating school has received training from the HSE and the project is up and running in these schools. Click to see more information…

 Weight of School Bags:

Donegal Youth Councillors have weighed school bags in their schools and produced a leaflet on How to pack your bag? How to carry your bag? And How to use your locker along with findings on the weight of School bags. Click here to view leaflet on Weight of Schoolbag  Cost of Going to School:

Donegal Youth Councillors wrote to the TD’s in Donegal to ask questions on their behalf in the Dail in relation to Paying for School Transport, buying or renting books, costs of transition year, fundraising activities and the costs of leaving and junior certificate examination and mocks. The Youth Councillors summarised the answers from the TD’s and are now going back to their Schools with questions on what the capitation grant is being spent on and how much of a voluntary contribution each school looks for.

 Student Councils:

Donegal Youth Councillors composed a Good Practice Checklist for Student Councils in Donegal following consultation with involver.co.uk   Click on the links below

Good Practice Checklist for Student Councils

Recommended working Principles of a Student Council.

 Road Safety Awareness:


 Youth Councillor Eimear Ní Eanaigh scripted the messages with advice from her fellow Youth Councillors and friends. Eimear also directed, edited and took part in the Road Safety video clips. The clips were produced in association with Wallace Media, they convey a message of the importance of giving the road your full attention.

Youth Councillor Eimear Ní Eanaigh whom sits on the Donegal Road Safety Working Group as a full member said “It’s important to remember that damage isn’t only done by drivers that don’t pay attention to the road but also by pedestrians who don’t pay attention to where they are walking.”

 Donegal Youth Council Road Safety Message 1


 Donegal Youth Council Road Safety Message 2


Donegal Youth Councillors attended the Road Safety Road Show on the 18th and 19th September where their duties were to meet and greet the Young people from the schools and assist them to their seat.  During the show they assisted with the Paramedic and at the end of the show they distributed the packs to all the young people.  There were approx 3000 young people attending between the two days.Weight of School Bags

Amenesty International:

Representatives from Donegal Youth Council, have met with the Colm O’Gorman, Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland, and Dan O’Neill, Youth Officer to inform them of the work of the youth council.  In attendance were the following Donegal Youth Councillors: Rachael McNulty, Molly Bonar, Marli Kerr, Patrick Matthews, Aran Quinn and Denholm Mc Dermott. Also in attendance were Christina O’Donnell, Youth Council Coordinator and Aisling Mc Grory of Donegal Youth Council.

Speaking at the Meeting Colm O’Gorman said: They are looking to expand their youth group membership and suggested that Donegal Youth Council could set up a sub group on Human Rights whom could work at a local, national and international level. Colm O’Gorman spoke about the importance of the voice of young people being heard at all levels.

SPHE/RSE -Social, Personal & Health Education/ Relationships and Sexual Education

The Youth Council is currently working on a survey in relation this subject.  It is hoped that the results of this survey will help highlight key issues in relation this subject in their schools. 


Chuala is a Peace III funded, 9 month long project that aims to create more opportunities for young people in Donegal County to have their voice and opinions heard by Donegal Youth Council. Chuala means to be heard and Donegal Youth Council want to create a youth forum of young people who currently don’t have a voice into Donegal Youth Council.

The Donegal Youth Council is working with Northern Ireland Youth Forum to set up the structures that will support more young people to get involved in the decisions that affect them across the county. The Chuala Youth Forum will work in partnership with Donegal Youth Council to establish the most relevant issues affecting young people in the county and then following a short campaign to raise awareness of the issues will engage decision makers to discuss the concerns of young people. The Chuala Youth Forum will then feedback to young people through both local gatherings and online.

 O2 Think Big Projects

 The following projects have been successful with Level 1 funding:

 Inspirational Quotes

 Mental Health Week in Schools

 Body and Mind week in schools


 The following projects have been successful with Level 2 funding:

 Coping with the Recession Booklet

 Video Clips of Visiting a Health FacilitySPHE/RSE Survey



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