Donegal Diaspora Project

      Donegal Gathering 2012



The logos – what do they mean?

The logos and visual identities for the Donegal Diaspora Project and the Donegal Gathering 2012 have been designed by award-winning, Donegal based design company, Carton Le Vert. These logos visually represent the connections and ties that exist between Donegal and its global community. The loose intersecting lines are a visualisation of the movement of people back and forth between Donegal and the rest of the world. They stand for the uniquely fluid relationship between a place and its people. As Gaeilge (in Irish) Pobal Domhanda literally means our global community, while Slógadh Dhún na nGall means Donegal Gathering

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Pictured below: (right) Moya Brennan of Clannad accompanied by her daughter Aisling Jarvis and Trudi O'Donnell (right) who gave captivating performances at the launch of Donegal Gathering 2012 on the 8th February in Letterkenny






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