Donegal County Commuity Forum

The Donegal County Community Forum is the voice of the community and are recognised by the local authority and the statutory agencies as the body to be consulted on community issues affecting the county. This has resulted in the County Forum developing a very strong community thread through the County Development Strategy. The Donegal County Community Forum is made up of representatives from each of the five area fora, namely, East, South, North, Inishowen and the Gaeltacht. 

The roles of the Donegal County Community Forum include representation, consultation, development & auditing of the sector, capacity building and training and implementation of the Strategy. The vision of the Donegal County Community Forum is to ”support and develop a vibrant community and voluntary sector through the Area Fora, actively promoting social inclusion and to represent the sector in decision-making structures in the County.” Click here for further information 

Community and Voluntary Sector Directory

Donegal County Development Board is developing one central database/directory for all Community and Voluntary Groups in the County. The Donegal Community Audit project, which commenced in 2004, initially developed a database of 262 community and voluntary groups.  Mechanisms were then put in place to ensure that this database would develop further while also ensuring that all information was kept up to date to reflect changes within the sector.

The Community and Voluntary Directory 2011 now contains information for 732 groups and the purpose of this database is to have a composite directory of all groups operating within the county.  The database also forms an integral dataset for the SPACEial North West project, in that, it accurately locates where community and voluntary groups are, provides a current picture of the community and voluntary sector and now will be expanded for use on a crossborder basis.

Click here to view the latest Community & Voluntary Directory by Geographical Remit  (August 2011)

To become part of ‘Donegal CDB Community and Voluntary Register’, please complete the attached forms in either Irish or English and return to the Research and Policy Unit, Donegal County Council, Station Island,  Lifford, County Donegal.

Donegal CDB Community and Voluntary Registration Form - English Version

Donegal CDB Community and Voluntary Registration Form - Irish Version


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